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Strategic IT Planning
    Provide guidance, direction and support for analyzing and
    implementing an organization's strategic efforts including
    business alignment, policies, procedures, departmental
    charters, and interaction models.

Plan Development
  • Identify an organizational vision, mission and core values to
    guide operations, strategic efforts, resources, and financial
  • Facilitate short and long term strategic plan development and

Business Alignment
  • Implement a strategic plan that aligns technology and
    information management with business needs, improving
    operational efficiency and maximizing organizational
  • Coordinate an interactive SWOT/SPOT analysis - strengths,
    weaknesses (problems), opportunities and threats - to guide
    strategic positioning and support resource planning.

Policies and Procedures
  • Guide, facilitate, and support IT policies and procedures
    formulation, adoption, dissemination, maintenance, and
    compliance within client organization.
  • Analyze existing policies and procedures for cost
    effectiveness, efficiencies and impacts to current IT
    operations and related business functions.  

Departmental Charters and Interaction models  
  • Provide expertise and guidance with all aspects of IT
    departmental charters and interaction models, including
    organizational structure, work flow, resource compensation
    models and position descriptions.
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