“Mr. Holscher leads by
example and many employees
at EFI find his enthusiasm and
dedication both inspiring and
motivating. As part of the
management team, Bill has
worked hard to build authentic
relationships with the staff
and peers. His efforts have
created a positive work
environment while facilitating
a more productive, and
collaborative atmosphere.”
– Marc Olin Senior Vice
President EFI Inc.
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"Inspiring and Motivating"

  • Mentored IT managers for large state agency providing
    professional, technical, and soft skill performance

  • Contracted to development Hotel Management System for
    international software vendor while consulting with their client
    beta site management on central reservations and property
    management system implementation. Vendor’s global
    software product development group received our application
    code with 3% functional error rate while their own internal QA
    guidelines accepted 25%. Vendor subsequently analyzed our
    methodology and internally implemented a number of our
    development, and quality control standards.

  • Provided personal and professional guidance to Product,
    Engineering, and QA managers within large software
    development organization.

  • Authored Service Level Agreements (SLA) and interaction
    models for global financial services organization addressing
    both external offshore vendors and internal enterprise wide
    shared technology services.

  • Authored more than 30 IT position descriptions for HR and IT

  • Consulted software vendor’s Product and QA management on
    integrated automated application testing significantly
    reducing QA test cycles, functional errors, technical defects,
    and associated costs while enhancing product time to market.

  • Developed, documented, and implemented new change
    management processes and procedures for large Fortune 100
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